CSR Exchange WorksCSR Exchange Works

CSRxchange stands on 3 major pillars of users:

  • Donors/Companies
  • NGOs/Social ¬†Implementing Agencies
  • Knowledge resource groups (professionals, students, researchers, Govt. agencies, Industry associations, ¬†consultants etc.)

CSRXchange and Corporates/Companies:

After the introduction of Section 135 in the Companies Act, 2013; listed companies are statutorily obliged to allocate 2% of their average net profits over the last three years towards social endeavours. CSRxchange will facilitate such companies to reach out to the best match of NGOs suiting their specified requirements and needs. With an extensive database and availability, the corporate will have a broad range of options to consider and choose.

CSRXchange and NGOs/Social Agency:

Being the closest to the society, NGOs know the problems of the society in the best manner possible and have a broad range of solutions to approach those issues. What they generally lack in, are the resources and funds to mitigate those issues. We, at CSRxchange aim to provide a database and availability of donors and investors in the form of corporate to fulfil the needs of both the parties simultaneously.

CSRXchange and Knowledge Resource Groups

CSR being in its nascent stage is under constant explorations and research. There have been multiple stakeholders interested to understand the nuances of this fairly interesting and complex concept. Keeping this in mind, CSRxchange envisions providing a platform to students, academicians, researchers and CSR experts to come forward and share their valuable learning and insight and ignite an open and unbiased forum of robust learning.